Jensen Re-ignites Fulbright Specialist Activities


AARS President Loraine Jensen began a six week Fulbright Specialist Program appointment on Oct. 3 at Uppsala University in Sweden.  It is a continuation of a previous appointment in 2020 that was cut short due to the unprecedented Covid outbreak. 

Her project is titled: “Sweden and American Runic Studies: Expanding Our Reach.” The project will focus on three priorities: 1. Expansion of Rune Rounds in Scandinavia and some in North America. 2. Expanding outreach and educational activities using digital technology. 3. Assisting in the completion of an American Runestone inventory.

During her appointment, Jensen will work closely with Dr. Henrik Williams, professor of runology at Uppsala, and other scholars, to complete the project goals.

Also, on Nov. 6 she will be recognized in a banquet at Uppsala Castle with a prize from the Royal Gustavus Augustus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture.  This prestigious award is to be presented “for her valuable efforts in spreading scientifically founded knowledge about runes and runic inscriptions to an interested public in North America.”  

Fulbright scholarships are awarded in part to develop long-term relationships between U.S. and foreign institutions to lead to greater collaboration and understanding.  Jensen is based in the Scandinavian Studies Department at Uppsala University and has access to many other departments within the university. This appointment will build upon the existing connections between Uppsala and the American Association of Runic Studies (AARS) through the Runic Tours and Rune Rounds.

 Since its founding in 1946, the Fulbright program has included among its alumni some 60 Nobel laureates, 88 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 39 who have served as heads of state of government.