History, Goals, and Board of Directors


The American Association for Runic Studies was formed in 2006 and officially incorporated in March 2010.  The organization strives to promote academic and scholarly research regarding runes and runic-like letters in Europe and North America. The organization supports research integrity and academic excellence in all activities. Partnerships are established with individuals, organizations, and academic institutions that support our mission.

AARS became a tax-exempt organization in May 2011.

Pictured above are the original AARS board members:   Andreas Rosenberg, Loraine Jensen, Mark Kinders.


  • Support educational activities that promote historically accurate and research-based information about runes and runestones.
  • Establish an endowed chair in runology at a major university to revitalize runology as an academic discipline.
  • Support international academic exchanges with special emphasis on exchanges between Sweden and America.
  • Establish partnerships with colleges and universities, organizations, and individuals that support our mission.
  • Support museums and organizations that promote historically accurate interpretations of runes and rune-like letters.
  • Promote scientific investigations, scholarly research, and new technologies to further understand runes and runic inscriptions.

Board of Directors


  • Loraine Jensen, President, Minnesota
  • Mark Kinders, Ed. D., Past President, Oregon
  • Sue Carlson, Vice President, New York
  • Mary Hegge, Treasurer, Minnesota
  • Myrna Smith, Secretary, Minnesota
  • Jim Kurle, member at-large, Minnesota
  • Anne Louise Thompson, member at-large, Maine






Contact us by email:  info@runicstudies.org




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