Establishing an Endowed Professorship in Runic Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden

From the outset, the AARS has had the aim of promoting scholarly research and understanding the historical and cultural bases for runic studies in Scandinavia and North America. But this important field needs a more distinct and permanent visibility. It was the late Dr. Richard Nielsen (Dr. Richard Nielsen Collection) who proposed that the establishment of an Endowed Chair in Runic Studies at a prominent university should become a major AARS goal.

 Early on, the AARS accepted that proposal.

 Uppsala University is exactly the right place for this position, because it is already the epicenter of runic studies. The University sits right in the middle of a tremendous resource—the largest and most extensive group of runestones in the world, located in Uppland province. Professor Henrik Williams’s research and international reputation have already elevated runic studies at Uppsala University to world-class standing, and—most significantly—the endowed chair will ensure that runic research and conservation of the runestones will continue beyond Professor Williams’s tenure.

The late Nils Hasselmo was an Uppsala University graduate who was avidly interested in runes, served as president of the University of Minnesota, was a former American Friends of Uppsala University (AFUU) board member, and was a strong supporter of an endowed professorship in runic studies. He diligently worked to make this a reality. In addition, AARS board members have promoted this project and spread the word when making presentations to organizations throughout the United States. One major gift has been secured, and AARS and the AFUU continue to seek additional funds. The goal is within sight!

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