Educator Project

Uppsala and Minneapolis Educator Runic Studies

AARS initiated a new and innovative program through a grant from the Swedish Council of America (SCA) called the Educator Runic Studies Project. As a first step, the Association has launched this project by supporting the educator exchange program between the sister cities of Minneapolis and Uppsala, Sweden.

AARS has also developed a new partnership with the Alexandria Public Schools, Alexandria, Minn., to support the district’s goals related to meeting standards around curriculum content in areas such as social studies, history and science. AARS will provide teachers and students with information about topics such as the Kensington Runestone, that is research-based and historically accurate.

We are in the beginning stages of this program but have plans to expand it to other communities. Our long term goal is to establish a cadre of highly motivated and competent teachers/educators who can be a resource for other teachers/educators. Our hope is to develop a virtual learning community for exchange of lesson plans and teaching strategies on this fascinating topic. Eventually, we plan to select some of the best examples of lesson plans for all grade levels and post them on our website.